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A warm thank you for Obama’s ‘Jedi mind meld’

By Kevin Rogers

The Nerds of Congress would like to extend its thanks to President Barack Obama for bringing a clumsy, yet much-appreciated, nerd reference to the partisan gridlock.

Obama, speaking on his frustration with Republican lawmakers, said he can’t use a “Jedi mind meld” to force compromise on averting automatic spending cuts.

Unless he was making a high-brow reference to Star Wars novels, Obama mistakenly merged elements from Star Wars and Star Trek with his “Jedi mind meld” comment.

In Star Wars, Jedi serve as “the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.” Their mastery of the mystical Force allows them a level of persuasive power over the weak willed via the “Jedi mind trick.”

In Star Trek, a mind meld is a mental link, used by the Vulcans, to exchange thoughts telepathically.

Battles between Star Trek and Star Wars fans are often passionate, so the comments fueled a surge of nerd derision on Twitter. However, the White House quickly responded with a well-played mash-up, bringing together the two franchises more harmoniously.

It likely won’t fix Washington, but Star Wars and Star Trek fans should appreciate the coverage Obama’s comment offered. It’s delightful to see a politician attempt to embrace the nerd community.

Thank you, Mr. President, for remembering the nerds.


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