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Who are The Nerds of Congress?


You can probably find your representative’s stance on many major issues from their congressional website, Politico stories or countless other websites. You can easily find their stances on military spending, the federal deficit or health care. But could you find their opinions on Star Wars or superheroes?

With a few exceptions, like Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy standing up to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight or President Barack Obama fist bumping Spider-man in a 2009 issue, there’s not much out there on the nerdier inclinations of our elected officials.

That’s the goal of The Nerds of Congress. Each week, I’ll profile a state or federal legislator and take a look at their favorite fandoms and hobbies. Of course, there will be discussion of leaders’ political beliefs and legislative accomplishments. But more importantly, The Nerds of Congress will present a rarely seen side of lawmakers.

I’ll also look at the current political climate through the lens of nerd culture. Are there any similarities to be found? Doing so, I’ll aim to take analysis a step beyond punditry and inject the nerdy into the political.

Stay tuned and find out as The Nerds of Congress presents a new, nerdier take on politics and our elected leaders.


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  1. Dr. Denny says:

    Why do the author(s) of these posts choose not to identify themselves?

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